Our charge points fit in with your environment.  Fully branded and coloured to suit your company image.

Clean Energy

Charging a zero emission vehicle with 100% green energy sends the most positive message that your business is serious about the environment​.

carefree Maintenance

Always clean and NEVER out of order.  Your users deserve nothing but the best service.  Your Teison charge points will be kept up to the highest standard with our regular maintenance plan.

Site Survey

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Smart OCPP EV Charging Station

Our smart OCPP charging station range starts at 7kW single phase to 22kW 3 phase charge speeds. This versatile charger is perfect for one charger per bay parking lots, Apartment blocks and retail sites.

  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor locations

  • Private and public parking

  • Retail sites

  • shopping centres

  • Employee parking

  • RFID card function

  • Care free maintenance plans available


60 or 120KW DC Fast Charging Station 


  • IP54-65 level protection

  • OCPP cloud management platform.

  • Multi-standard cost-effective 

  • VEHICLE-TO-GRID Next gen vehicle to grid technology

  • IP65, IP54, TÜV

  • Meets the requirements of all International safety standards.

Reliability is key

  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor locations

  • Private and public parking

  • Retail sites

  • shopping centres

  • Employee parking

  • Fleet parking

  • Care free maintenance plans available

DC 60KW 2 GUNS Fast Charging Station

45~120KW AC/DC combo EVSE controller (CCS and CHAdeMO standard)   used for rapid charging of electric vehicles. Power conversion, charging control, PLC communication, energy measurement, billing protocol.  Intelligent multi-charge provides dynamic distribution which allows vehicles of different charge rates to charge at the same time. Constant current or voltage charging, which is suitable for high voltage lithium systems. Dust-proof and waterproof to grade: IP54, suitable for outdoor and indoor operation.

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You can purchase your commercial charging equipment which you will own outright after installation.  Comprehensive maintenance plans available.

With a Teison commercial charge point you can........

  • Offer free charging to attract clients.

  • Charge a minimal amount to cover costs.

  • Make a profit from your parking lot.

  • Offer charging to authorised user only.

Lease Plan

Our lease plan offers you zero initial outlay, equipment and installation is undertaken by Teison UK.  Flexible lease plans available.

free fit

We pay 100% of the installation and maintenance.  Users pay us direct to use the on site chargers.


Send us some contact information and we will get back to you with details on our commercial charging solutions