Tethered or Socket?

Home charge points come in various shapes and sizes but one of the most important choices you can make is if you go for a tethered (cable attached) or socket (no cable) version.

The tethered charge points offer the convenience of not having to retrieve your charging cable from home or the car as the cable is right there ready to use. The downside of that is that you have always a cable sitting there and for a fitting attached to the outside of the property can look untidy. Charge points with an incorporated cable can also be pretty cumbersome to unravel and place back.

A charge point without the tethered cable for sure looks much neater and if fitted to the outside of a property is much less obtrusive than its tethered counterpart. Of course the socket charge point does not have the convenience of a cable ready to go and requires that you use the cars onboard cable or that you use a cable stored at home.

If you are fitting your charge point inside a garage or anywhere that aesthetics are not an issue it would probably be more convenient to go with the tethered version that has a free sitting cable with easy access. Otherwise the socket version looks much cleaner but of course it very much depends on personal choice as both will perform the same function.

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