Renewable Energy EV charging

Its big, bright and visible more in some countries rather than others. In a single hour, the amount of power from the sun that strikes the Earth is more than the entire world consumes in a full year. The numbers are staggering and thankfully more resources are now pouring into research to find the technology we need to capture more and more of this amazing clean and cheap power.

A Teison home charge point will automatically use the power it is served be it from solar, wind or the grid.

For now its actually very simple to charge your car with clean power.

If you have solar at home then charging during the day especially a sunny day is probably the cleanest way to charge your car. A large solar array will easily put out enough power to charge your car and if your charge point is not set to rapid charge it will use that solar power without having to fit CT cables or connect to an app.

For homeowners without any renewable energy system you can still ensure you are charging with clean energy by switching your power provider to one that only supplies renewable energy. Renewable energy providers typically use a mix of wind and solar power and although not necessarily cheaper than conventional power companies, the fact that you know you are powering everything using natural, renewable sources will always give you that feel good factor.

Public solar rapid charging.

Sunshine may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of the UK but that doesn't stop the British leading the way in solar ev charging technology. Companies like Gridserve are building solar powered ev service stations with huge solar arrays and battery backups that offer real fast charging and comfortable surroundings.

The future of transport for sure lies in renewable energy and our ability to capture the earths natural energy. The argument that if every mode of transport was made electric tomorrow it would be impossible to power everything and most of it would be powered with dirty energy is actually accurate but only if looking at the situation right now. The power infrastructure will grow organically to meet demand and the more people who are exposed to the benefits of clean transport, the more we will also ask where the power that charges our cars comes from.

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