Rivian Has Confirmed That Its Electric Pickups And SUVs Will Be Delivered Next Summer

Rivian is an electric car company. This widely watched company has assembled some prototype versions of vehicles, but has not produced the final version of electric pickup trucks or SUVs, but now it seems that there is no longer a long wait. The company has now confirmed that the trial production line of its factory in Normal, Illinois has begun operation, and consumers can prepare money to wait for the delivery of the R1T pickup truck at this time node in June 2021, while the R1S SUV will be delivered in August 2021. Delivery will begin in December.

Although Rivian has some entanglements in production due to the impact of the coronavirus, it is still advancing its production plans and commitments.

The electric car manufacturer has foreseen some exciting features, such as a slide-out kitchen behind the cab of a pickup truck, the ability to use the battery pack inside the pickup truck or SUV to charge other Rivian vehicles, and support for auxiliary batteries. group.

Auxiliary battery pack technologies are particularly attractive because they can add enough battery life to the owner's trip, because for many electric car buyers, battery life anxiety is still a problem.

Rivian promises to have three different capacity battery packs, the largest of which has a capacity of 180 kWh and a cruising range of over 400 miles. The SUV version has up to 7 seats, while the pickup seat can hold up to 5 people. Both can drag cargo weighing more than 7000 pounds, and up to four motor drives can give them a certain off-road capability.

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