For safe, long term use of any tech product simply must be made from quality components from the inside out. Our OCPP models are the cream of the crop in the ev charge point world not just because they look great but they are built to last which for us is always the top priority.

The Teison OCPP range also come as standard fitted with a full colour LCD touchscreen. Start/Stop, programming, settings and a whole host of functions are right at your fingertips.

The core chip is the brains of any ev charging station but because it is one of the most expensive component it is often something manufacturers try to cut corners on. Budget core chip failures are one of the main reasons for a charge point to fail and it is normally not repairable.

Teison use STMicroelectronics core chips

which are well known throughout the industry for their quality, blistering performance and reliability.

It figures that once you have made the decision to go for quality over price then there would be no point in cutting costs on other components in the product. Every component in our OCPP range is first thought of in terms of its quality and what it can add to the overall performance and reliability of the charge point.

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