Updated: Sep 22, 2021

The short answer is yes but not where you think and actually a much less expensive type A will do the job just fine.

A Residual Current Device (RCD) is a device intended to detect dangerous residual currents and thereby mitigate the risk of electric shock or fire. In the case of EV charging, there is a risk of AC and DC residual currents, and it is vitally important that the RCD technology used has the ability to detect AC and DC residual currents.

You may think if you buy a charge point with a Type B RCD already fitted that your installation will not require one at the charge point main electrical box but chances are your electrician will want to fit one as it is more important to cut the power upstream in case of accidental cable damage anywhere in the circuit.

In fact many installers are now recommending basic charge points that have simple residual and PEN protection that allow them to control everything from the downline control box to mitigate any conflict between components.

Matt at Teison UK.

Let me share my installation at home. We are a 3 car EV family with 2 Tesla cars and a tiny little Citroen for our teenager.

We have 2 Teison 7kW Design 360 tethered units, one in the garage and the other mounted on the driveway wall.

Luckily I have a mate named Carl in the industrial electrical business and its thanks to him and his boss Victor we have the perfect charging setup and can also advise our Teison customers on the best charging solution for their needs.

Our residual current and PEN protection is all sorted at the EV charger main box fitted next to our home main fuse box. Carl explains that if you have an independent control box just for the EV charge point or CEE plug you can provide much more protection than provided by installations that only have similar components fitted to the actual charge point as any issues are detected and dealt with much more efficiently on the downside of the installation.

Now more than 2 years into the EV experience the novelty of looking at charging apps and keeping the cars constantly charged to the max has worn off. Cars get charged every other day, less than our iPhones actually and like the mobile it´s not unusual to see your cable discarded after the teenager has disconnected to charge theirs and then left the cable just, well, there!!! Thankfully we haven't had any issues regarding that....YET!

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