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Smart Mini

Small in size huge in power.  Stylish design easy control "Teison Me" APP.  Cutting edge safety features with industry leading components.

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Product Features


Solid Design

Meets IP65 & IK08 standard by lab test excellent water protection


Charge Indicator

Shows the real time charging status


Smart Mini

Top grade Teison smart components integrated into a 228.5x228.5x100 mm durable body


TUV Certified

All components CE certified and tested by TUV


Smart Charging

Remote charging using the Teison Me App. Integration with OCPP 1.6J-SON system.

Real Smart

 Control your smart wall box through Teison App by Bluetooth, WIFl and 4G

• Developed based on OCPP 1.6 J-SON
• Automatic identification
• Adjustable charging current
• Remote reach on every charging process
• Charging records stored in Teison Cloud
• Scheduled charging to save on your electricity bill
• Over the air updates

Maximum safety inside

  • ​PCV0 housing 2.0-3.0 mm thickness ensures the perfect environment for the internal components

  • The housing is made from materials specially developed for top heat dissipation and with flame retardant coating

  • Completely meets all requirements of the CE applicable standards

  • AC + DC fault detection

  • Real-time monitoring for heat and all instabilities during charging process

Product Specifications

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