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Portable Mini

Small in size HUGE in power our portable mini packs more punch than most full size units.

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Solid Design Casing

Meets IP65 & IK08 standard by lab test excellent water protection

Product Features

Variable Charge

Choose to charge from 8amps to 16amps with the press of a button


Industry Leading Ingress Protection

IP65 dust and water ingress protection


LED Colour Indicators

Real time charging and charge state

TUV Certified

4 meter cable with excellent durability and top cold resistance at -40°C


TPU Approved

Excellent water protection and easy grip. Silver plated terminals for enhanced durability

Cutting edge portable/home charging

• IK08 designed to withstand a 2.5T car 
• Mini size and weighs in at less than 2kg 
• Max 16A 1P stable and safe charging 
• Flexible charging/ power connector options
• Color indicator light displays charging status in real time
• Built in metering chip measures power consumption accurately 
• 5 levels current adjustment 

• -30°C~60°C stable working temperatures 

• Self-diagnosis of faults with automatic reset

• Available for both type 1 and type 2 vehicles

• Protects the life of car battery with the most stable charging process

Focus on Safety

• PCVO housing with 2.0~3.0mm thick exudes robustness and protects inside components from external influences

• The housing is made from materials specially developed for heat dissipation and with flame retardant coating

• Completely meets all requirements of the TUV applicable standards

• AC+ DC faults detection 

• Real-time monitoring for excess heat and faults during charging process

Product Specifications

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