Electric Car Charging

Teison Home Load balancing

Safely balance the energy usage between the Teison wallbox and other household appliances


The load balancing advantage.

Coming direct from the commercial charging networks Teison load balancing technology is now available for the home.

How it works:  On connecting the Teison Wallbox to your vehicle the Wallbox immediately scans the electrical load your home is using and starts charging at the appropriate speed.  As household appliances are switched on and off the Teison Wallbox automatically adjusts the power going to your vehicle to ensure that your home electrical system never suffers from overload or outage.

Product Specifications


Why do you need TEISON load balancing solution?

Under normal circumstances, the maximum electrical load of a home is fixed during construction. This requires that the total load of all household appliances cannot exceed the maximum load capacity of the home power grid, otherwise it will cause a circuit breaker to trip and cause line failure. 


The standard power output of a home charging wallbox is generally 7kw. If no household appliances are in operation, the Teison wallbox runs at full load constantly assessing the total home current as to never to exceed the maximum load which will trip a fuse on the home circuit board. The moment any home appliance is switched on the Teison Wallbox decides wether it should reduce the power to the vehicle while the home appliance is in operation.  Teison load balancing technology automatically monitors all charging parameters with no manual input required.


The prerequisites of the TEISON load balancing solution

1. The home power meter supports 485 communication mode (smart meter). The home meter supports a RS-485 interface. 

2. Meter supports the MODBUS-RTU protocol.